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In our day to day lives where things are busy and there’s lot to do, we at times forget to ask ourselves, what if something happens to me? It’s one of those self-realising moments when a simple question can lead to a great number of thoughts and concerns relating to our loved ones. It’s a moment when we would like to be with you, talk to you and work on your Plan B.

A plan securing a tomorrow for your loved ones, a plan making sure, their debts are paid, their education is taken care, there’s funds available for them to maintain their lifestyle, above all, live a life you always wished for them when you were around them.

Life Cover provides a lump-sum payment to the policy owner, to assist their family and the loved ones should the policy owner dies. The policies provide a number of additional benefits, a couple noted below:

  • Terminal illness Benefit
  • Advanced Partial Payment for specified terminal conditions
  • Repatriation Benefit
  • Financial Advice Benefit
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