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Established in 2006, Exclusive Insurance Services have worked hard to build a trusted brand offering innovative and affordable risk management and insurance solutions to our extensive and rapidly growing client base.

Based in Auckland CBD, we are a team of experienced and passionate insurance professionals committed to providing a customer centric service relating to your business or personal insurance requirements.

How we operate?

At Exclusive Insurance Services, we take great pride in our work of providing you with insurance solutions meeting both business and personal requirements. We work with you ensuring we adhere to ethical principle of utmost good faith and trust. We work to ensure our services are delivered to you through clear and concise communication and understanding to meet and most exceed your expectations.

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Why Use Us As Your Broker?

The marketplace is increasingly offering a lot of options, a lot of choices to customers about where and how to purchase an insurance policy. With a lot more options on hand, customers are faced with a rather difficult decision, not just about what insurance you need but also how to arrange it.

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