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An accidental injury can have an immediate impact on your life, and if it is severe enough to cause time off work, the financial effects can be significant. Whether you have a physically demanding job, work in an office or care for your children at home, an accidental injury impacts your daily life and your ability to do your job.

As the name suggests, Accidental Injury cover provides an upfront payment in an event you are injured accidentally. The funds can be used in whatever way you see fit, paying for additional childcare, taxis if you’re unable to drive, or taking time off work to focus on your recovery. By securing the appropriate cover you can ensure minimal disruption to your life with a little extra support when it is most needed.

What does it cover?

The amount of cover you need is dependant on your unique circumstances, you can choose how much you need, up to $5000 per month. The lump sum you receive is dependant on the injury category. The injury category determines how many months of payment are included in the lump sum.

An accident that:

  • Leads to a fracture which requires a form of immobilisation other than a cast – 2 months
  • Leads to a fracture requiring a cast – 3 months
  • Leads to surgery under general anesthesia – 3 months
  • Leads to one of the following: An amputation of a limb, permanent total blindness, permanent loss of hearing, permanent paralysis – 12 months

E.g. If you have a sum assured of $3000 a month, and suffer a fracture which requires a cast, you are eligible for a claim payment of $9000 ($3000 x 3 months).

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