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The marketplace is increasingly offering a lot of options, a lot of choices to customers about where and how to purchase an insurance policy. With a lot more options on hand, customers are faced with a rather difficult decision, not just about what insurance you need but also how to arrange it.

Below are some great reasons to use US as your trusted Risk Advisor.

  • Expertise – With over 45 years of collective experience working with organisations in New Zealand and Overseas, we are experienced in identity risks that are specific to your business where your exposure to a loss can either be mitigated with an insurance policy or improved with general risk management discussions.
  • Service – We offer you our service commitment to arrange your insurance programs in a timely manner, assist you with your general or product specific inquiries as soon as they are referred to us. At priority, work with you to proactively and efficiently resolve an insurance claim that allows you to get back doing what is most important to you, either working in your business or being amongst your loved ones.
  • Price – As part of the Steadfast Broker Network, we have access to key New Zealand as wellas specialised Lloyd’s based underwriting agencies competing for your general insurancebusiness resulting in premium competitive solutions to our customers.
  • Time – We take the time to understand your business and personal insurance requirements. Our experience in the industry allows us to undertake the research, arrange the coversrequired and manage the claims’ process when you need to make a claim. We believe, ourservice allows you to focus on you and your business.
  • Confidence – We take great pride in the work we do as insurance professionals. Once we have had the opportunity to discuss your requirements, we try our best to deliver on our service commitments, providing you with the confidence that you and your business are well looked after.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

An insurance broker understands your needs and requirements, and from these identifies risks associated. A broker can then accurately advise you on available policies and products which would suit your needs and at your request approach various companies for quotes and policy specifics. After a price and policy has been discussed and agreed upon the broker will now secure the product for you and be on hand for advice and updates of these policies in the future, including when you need to make a claim, by submitting the claim and assisting communications to ensure it is brought to a successful resolution.

Whether you require insurance for your business or your personal life, it is vital that you secure a product which accurately protects you. Inadequate protection can lead to devastating consequences and costly mistakes in the future. A broker is an expert of this industry and has a valuable understanding of the products available on the market, whilst remaining independent. This means you don’t have to worry about pushy sales techniques or misleading jargon, a broker has your best interests in mind and has a wealth of knowledge for you to take advantage of. They can accurately identify potential risks and suggest appropriate and cost effective solutions for your protection.

An insurance broker offers a range of services covering all classes of insurance, from extensive and specific business cover to personal health insurance. These services include; arranging and negotiating new policies and cover, quotes from various insurance providers, renewals, and assisting in making valid claims. A broker is more than the middle man in securing a new policy, it is an ongoing relationship to ensure your insurance needs are met and maintained by a professional.

Both brokers and agents act as intermediaries between insurance providers and buyers, however an insurance broker represents the buyer, and an insurance agent represents the insurance company. Whereas a broker is independent, an agent is in a role to sell insurance to a buyer directly from one specific insurance company.

Insurance brokers are paid by the insurance company themselves. Whilst still remaining independent, a broker receives a commission from the company for the work done, including paperwork etc. A service is provided to you by the broker, but paid for by the insurance company.

A broker can offer advice and assist you in submitting a valid claim to your insurance provider. They arrange the submission and monitor the claim process, liaising between you and the insurance company to ensure the claim is brought to a successful resolution.

At Exclusive Insurance we ensure every one of our brokers meets the minimum requirements to legally perform as an insurance broker in NZ, including appropriate qualifications and experience. It is vital to us that our brokers represent the ethical values of Exclusive Insurance, which is why we encourage a strict Code of Conduct and ensure each of our brokers are efficient, knowledgeable and honest. Through technical and behavioural training our brokers can perform valuable services to our clients whilst remaining trustworthy and reliable.

At Exclusive Insurance we can provide brokers with a wealth of in depth knowledge of the insurance industry and specific expertise in requirements for different industries and areas of insurance, whether it is personal, business, life or health insurance.