Life & Disability Insurance

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At Exclusive Insurance Services, we can provide you with personal and business solutions when it comes to Life & Disability Insurance. Our focus here is to listen and understand your specific needs and tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Personal Products

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover Insurance covers a wide range of medical events which result in a significant impact on your life e.g. cancer, stroke etc. These conditions can have a serious impact on your life and ability to earn an income. By securing the appropriate Trauma Cover Insurance, you can minimise any financial trauma involved in the event and avoid the stress involved in paying your regular bills as well as any ongoing medical costs.

Total & Permanent Disability Cover

Total & Permanent Disability Cover offers protection if you become totally and permanently disabled and therefore unable to work due to illness or injury. It provides the peace of mind in knowing that your future is protected if an unexpected event alters your capabilities as an earner.

Personal Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a safety net for your family if you were to pass away, minimising their financial trauma. It’s the thought no one likes to spend too long thinking about; how will your family financially cope when you’re not around anymore? Life Insurance involves a wide range of options from funeral cover to a payout of an insured amount protecting the lifestyle and future of your family.

Personal Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance provides a monthly benefit if you are suddenly unable to work due to an illness or serious injury. Each of us have our financial commitments, whether it’s a mortgage, rent or monthly utility bills etc. By securing an appropriate insurance policy you can gain the peace of mind in knowing that your bills are paid and your family are provided for until you are capable of returning to work.

Personal Accidental Injury Cover

Accidental Injury Insurance offers short term financial cover so that you can continue with daily life following an accidental injury which prevents you from working and earning an income. It provides you with the confidence in knowing that you can recover from an accidental injury financially and avoid the stress that comes with the inability to work.

Business Products

Workplace Group Insurance

The skills and talents of employees are the valuable foundation to a successful business, which is why businesses are so motivated to offer benefits to attract the best and maintain them on their team. These benefits are often in the form of life insurance, medical insurance, income protection insurance etc. If a business has lots of employees, it is impractical to seek appropriate cover for each employee individually. Exclusive Insurance Services can arrange a Group placement to service your business needs, providing a time saving and economical solution to your employee insurance needs.

Business Start-Up Income Protection

Start-Up Income Protection offers cover for the most vulnerable time of any business. At the start of a business working for yourself opens your business and income up to a multitude of risks which could have a significant effect on the future of the business. If you are unable to work and run your business due to an injury or illness, Start-Up Income Protection offers short term support to keep your business above water and protects your future so that you can carry on as usual once you’re better.

Business Continuity Insurance

Business Continuity Insurance offers protection for established businesses vulnerable to interruption due to illness or injury to the business owner or key employee forcing them to limit their workable hours on a short term basis. It is a policy which enables your business to continue running efficiently until the key employee or owner is capable of returning to work as usual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To make a claim we suggest you contact our claims team as soon as possible. We may ask for additional information or paperwork to help your claim process.

Yes, we can help you find a policy to suit your needs, including disability, major illness and redundancy options.

Most applicants are accepted on the information that they have provided in a declaration of health. Occasionally an insurer will contact your doctor for further information, with your permission.

It is unlikely you will be asked for further health evidence, however insurers may contact your GP directly for health information. To ensure successful claims in the future it is important to disclose all relevant medical information in your application.

Yes, smoking will increase your insurance premium, even if you only smoke a few times a week or month. However if you successfully quit smoking for 12 months to apply to have your premium reduced.

If you or your family are dependant on your income to cover housing costs, food and other expenses and have no other means to support yourself if an illness or injury affects your ability to work for over 90 days, then you are an accurate candidate for disability insurance.

You should have enough coverage to pay for your living expenses e.g. rent/mortgage, food, utilities etc. A general rule is to match your monthly take home pay. It is possible to budget your living expenses but be aware of additional costs involved with illness and injuries e.g. travel to see medical professionals.

As with any insurance premiums, it is calculated through risk. It is dependant on a wide range of factors including gender, age, health, smoking, amount of cover and more.

If you fail to pay your premiums for a length of time (generally 3 months) your cover will end. If your details such as your bank account change, get in touch with us and we can apply any necessary changes to your policy.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible with any changes or updates and we can apply these to your policy or make any necessary changes for the future.