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Health Insurance is about getting medical treatment when you need it. At Exclusive Insurance Services, we understand your need to be looked after by the best people in business. With appropriate health insurance, you can be rest assured that your health conditions can be met promptly, through a health practitioner of your choosing and receive vital support when you need it most. From diagnostic tests and scans, surgeries, treatments and ongoing recovery support, health insurance is essential in supporting you through these tough times, giving you the best opportunity for recovery.

Choose the fast lane

Being placed on the waiting list for public health systems can be stressful and unpredictable. Your health being the most valuable thing you have and the thought of waiting months to even get started on your diagnostics or recovery can be daunting. With health insurance you have access to faster health care and focus on recovering sooner.

Get rid of financial stress

Healthcare is something we all hope we don’t need to budget for, and it is difficult to predict when these bills can arise, when they do, they can  be expensive and cause further stress on top of your illness or injury. With health care you can rest assured that your healthcare is available to you no matter the cost.

Early Cover, Less exclusions

Health insurance can be secured for individuals from as early as birth and doesn’t cover you for health conditions you already have. The earlier you sign up, the more you’ll be able to get cover for and money you can save.

What does is cover?

Health Insurance policies can be tailored to suit the needs of you and your family and offer a valuable opportunity to ensure you receive prompt and high-quality medical care, giving you the financial support when you most need it. Health Insurance policies may cover the following:

  • Surgery– From minor surgical procedures performed by a GP, inpatient treatment (including surgeons fees), to access to pre and post-surgery support such as consultations, drugs and physiotherapy
  • Cancer Care– Covers the costs of oncologist consultations, approved cancer drugs, radiotherapy, breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, support services, and palliative and respite care
  • Overseas Treatment– Voluntary health care in Australia, treatment worldwide if the waiting list in NZ is longer than 6 months, treatment that is not currently available in NZ.
  • Specialists and Testing– Additional specialist consultations, additional diagnostics imaging and tests
  • Reproductive Health– Pregnancy, maternity and infertility allowance including infertility diagnosis
  • Health Screening– Allowance including bone, breast, bowel, heart and skin screening
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New Zealand does provide free public healthcare services for emergencies and serious conditions; however, this often results in long waiting lists to get medical care and limitations to the type of services available to you.

Usually yes, but it does depend on the policy. Some policies only cover procedures performed by affiliated providers; however, they usually allow you to choose.

Yes, children can be insured from birth.

Yes, however most insurers don’t provide cover for the pre-existing medical conditions. When you apply you will be asked to provide information on your medical history, if anything isn’t covered you will be notified in writing.

In an event, you require emergency care, you will be taken to a public hospital for treatment. Once you are in a position to begin rehabilitation or further treatment, health insurance can help.

Health insurance premiums are calculated by age and also changes in health care, the amount varies but yes, over time the premiums will increase.

Yes, lower premiums are offered to non-smokers, you are classed as a non-smoker if you have been totally smoke free for 12 months.

You will still receive ACC cover if the medical costs are a result from an accident, and sometimes this is only a partial payment.

Partially, it will cover oral surgery such as a tooth removal, however day-to-day dental work e.g. fillings aren’t covered.

No, GP visits are not usually included in health insurance policies unless specified.