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Organisations across the world are experiencing a rapidly changing business environment where technology is playing a far greater role than ever-before. As a result, organisations are faced with a set of new risks, risks that are changing the landscape, taking charge of how businesses progress their way into the future.

With recent data breaches making headlines across the world including New Zealand, its more important than ever-before to understand the risks your organisation faces every day and how can we work together to identify and mitigate your exposure to a financial loss or a statutory breach.

What does it cover?

A Cyber Insurance product provides a range of cover options to suit the size and complexity of your organisation. The type of cover you can expect from a Cyber Insurance policy includes the following:

First Party Losses

  • Business Interruption Losses
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Electronic Data Replacement


Third Party Losses

  • Security and Privacy Liability
  • Defence Costs
  • Regulatory Breach Liability
  • Electronic Media Liability

Unlike traditional insurance policies, most Cyber Insurance products provide you 24/7 Cyber Assistance where specialised teams assist you respond to your cyber incident. The teams have access to professionals working in Forensic, IT, Legal & Public Relation Services.

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