Business Insurance

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Exclusive Insurance Services provide insurance solutions tailored to the needs of your business regardless of its size or complexity. The business insurance products aim to provide protection to your business assets, profits and potential liabilities.

Business Insurance Products

Body Corporate Insurance

A body corporate is usually responsible for insuring all buildings and improvements in a unit title development on behalf of the unit owners.

Business Pack Insurance

We know as business owners ourselves; we invest a lot of energy and resources in developing our business through years of passion, dedication and skill. Hence, we have a responsibility to ensure our business and its assets are safeguarded.
Business Insurance is a packaged product providing protection for organisations for all sizes against insurable risks.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

For most businesses in New Zealand, motor vehicles are essential for general business operations. Whilst, the business vehicle is parked on the side of the road or driven on the road, there are risks associated with it that may result in a financial loss to your business.

Contract Works Insurance

In New Zealand, Construction Industry provides significant opportunities that come with associated operational and event risks. Contract Works Insurance is an essential policy for builders and other tradesmen, covering the work which is undertaken on a construction site.

Corporate Travel Insurance

As the international connectedness continues to advance, businesses in New Zealand are making every opportunity count by allowing international flow of trade, capital, people and ideas. As we continue our journey across the world, we are faced with the reality of the political, social and economic volatility across many parts of the world. Today, sending an employee abroad has become a riskier decision and also a challenging task for both employee and the employer.

Cyber Protection Insurance

Organisations across the world are experiencing a rapidly changing business environment where technology is playing a far greater role than ever-before. As a result, organisations are faced with a set of new risks, risks that are changing the landscape, taking charge of how businesses progress their way into the future.

Marine Insurance

In New Zealand, most businesses rely upon a transport network. A network that links Roads, Rail, Sea and Air allowing transport of goods to all parts of the country. If your business takes part in moving goods or machinery within New Zealand, Import goods from overseas or Export goods overseas, Marine Insurance is essential in protecting your business.

Mobile Machinery, Plant & Equipment Insurance

In New Zealand, the product caters for organisations undertaking work that extends to Site Preparation, Civil Works, Demolition, Earthworks, Quarry & Forestry.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance caters to businesses and individuals providing advice and/or skilled services to their clients. The scope of services may be in relation to a building project, an insurance policy, taxation, IT or sale and purchase of real estate. In most cases, these services are undertaken for a fee and deemed professional services.

Truck & Transport Insurance

The transport sector is essential to much of New Zealand and is ever growing. With a large variety of businesses undertaking their business on the road, we understand the importance to insure you, so you go the extra mile. We cater to clients operating as a sole driver or running a fleet of heavy motor vehicles across the country.

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In order to make a claim, please contact our claims team as soon as possible. We may ask you for additional information to assist with the claims’ process i.e. Date of Loss, Incident Photographs,  Receipts or Proof of Purchase etc.

The premium is affected by a variety of factors including, the size and type of your business, cover required, your claims history and experience in the industry.

Any business, no matter how small encounters risks of varying degrees. At the very least it is strongly suggested that you ensure your staff, and place of business (property) is insured appropriately.

The best way to save money on business insurance is to find a solution relevant to your needs. By using a broker to negotiate terms and policies to find a solution to suit you, you avoid paying for irrelevant cover that doesn’t apply to you, and only pay for what you need.

You risk losing your business, your livelihood, your employees and much more. Insurance of any kind is an opportunity to prepare yourself for risks. No one knows when or if these risks will occur for you, but by being prepared you can tackle them appropriately and still run your business successfully afterwards if they do.

Technically, by working as a freelancer, you are in business for yourself. Just because you don’t have staff etc. doesn’t mean you’re not a functioning business, but your clients are technically your customers. This means you are still open to certain risks that could affect you and your business. By identifying unique risks relevant to you, you can secure accurate insurance cover for your business.

Generally independent contractors are not included in business insurance unless specified and agreed upon. When hiring an independent contractor it is safest to check if the hold their own general liability insurance, otherwise you could end up paying for their mistakes.

This depends on the type of work you do and the risks involved. Regardless of the industry, most business owners underestimate how much a lawsuit can cost a business, even if it goes in your favour.

Most business insurances are renewed on a yearly basis, this is a great opportunity to alter or add in additional cover as your business grows and develops.

An example of information required from you to complete an application include; information about your industry, what services your business provides, your annual revenue for the last few years, projected annual revenue and more.